The Europa Conference Centre

The eco-architecturally renovated Europa Conference and Exhibition Centre is the oldest conference centre in the Basque Country and is an icon of sustainable architecture. Strategically located on the most important artery of the city, the Avenida de Gasteiz, it enables efficient connection with the hinterland but at the same time is only a few steps away from the main hotels, downtown Vitoria and the old quarter.

The vertical garden that adorns its façade is a pioneer in reproducing autochthonous ecosystems. It sustains 1,492 m2 of vegetation with more than 33,000 plants of different varieties that improve the insulation by 75% with the consequent energy saving.

The profound renovation of its interior architecture, a benchmark of good practice, is based on a careful and innovative reform of the facilities, an environmental commitment that goes beyond mere compliance and a standard-setting conference-related design. Its more than 17 rooms and auditoriums provide superb service to the organiser of any type of event.

These practices and its commitment to the future make Vitoria the ideal city to hold all types of conference event, although it is especially well prepared for those of a sustainable nature for which it is important to use a venue in a city and region with a deep-rooted environmental culture.